A Girl Named Frankie

March 21, 2015

When I was pregnant with Daughter #4, we had decided to use the name Frankie after my Daddy’s Momma, Frankie Odessa Adams if this baby was indeed a girl!  When I came to LaGrange many years ago I was able to cross paths on several occasions with two ladies that also were given the name Frankie.  I was able to quiz one of them while I was waiting on my Frankie to make her arrival, and get her actual take on being named FRANKIE. I have always respected these women and of course…love their names!

As my Frankie grew up and went to school, she did not have to worry about having two girl Frankies in her class, or even in her school!  Yes she has a unique name.  A few years back I was able to introduce her to one of the other ladies in our communities named Frankie.  That was a neat day for all three of us!!

That Frankie passed away this week at the age of 94.  Wow and what a legacy she left.  I can only pray that my Frankie will leave a mark on her world like Mrs. Frankie Newman.  Everyone remembers the girl named Frankie!


2012 Pruett Report

December 29, 2012

2012 Pruett Report 

Well now…Where do I begin??  So excited to catch up with all of our Loved Ones during this favorite time of year!!  I will start at the beginning…

January –Job Force for all of us still the same…Frank working at Kia on the Assembly Line patiently waiting for God to open doors into the Management Field.  Leslie still loves flying. Frank went to Honduras on a Mission Trip. 

February– High School Soccer Season began for Casey and Frankie.  I was President of the Soccer Club and we had lots of fun! 

MarchFrank celebrated his last BD in his 50’s!!  Sophia turned 2!!

AprilFrank was chosen to take a Spirit Trip to Korea.  He had a BLAST and ate everything they served him (I know most of you that know how picky he is – are totally shocked!)  They were gone for a week, stayed at a 5 Star Hotel and was strictly a Sight Seeing Cultural Trip!

May –CHS Soccer Teams went to the First Round of the Playoffs.  Jessica, Robert & Sophia moved to Rhode Island giving us a new place to explore.  So thankful for our Flight Benefits!  Casey made Football Cheerleading (which is hilarious since she has never cheered a day in her life!)

June – We took a Cruise to the Bahamas with the Adams/Lineberry Clan.  Frank was able to go to RI to help keep Sophia during his Plant Shut Down Week. Casey turned 17.  In Late June, Frank was helping take up the offering at Church (a Hazardous Job), rolled his foot, and broke it. (Out of Work for 6 Weeks)

JulyCorey and Leslie celebrated their first Wedding Anniversary. We headed to SC for the Annual Adams Family Beach Trip to Myrtle Beach.  On the last day of our vacation, we got a call that our house had flooded due to a BUSTED ICE MAKER LINE.  Two inches of water throughout the house and we could not stay there!

August – We had to start school living in a HOTEL! What an adventure with one bathroom in a confined space.  Casey began her Senior Year (along with Dual Enrollment at West Georgia Tech for College Classes) and Frankie is a Freshman at Callaway High School.  Addie’s start to her school year was a rough one as she had to start a new school where she knew very few people due to her school closing. We celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary and Addie turned 12!!

SeptemberAddie decided to play Soccer for the first time ever.  (Most of you know I only became a Soccer Mom when Casey decided to play HS Soccer in the 9th Grade Three Years Ago!)  We were so Blessed with two Veteran Coaches and Addie’s Team was Undefeated and won the Championship!

October – We moved HOME to a New and Beautifully Updated House!!  Casey got accepted to LaGrange College. Popped up to RI to get some SophiaTime and almost got caught by Sandy.  Frank got home in hours, but Addie and I had a tougher time and got home the next day! 

November-A wonderful month of much Thankfulness!  CHS went to Playoffs  in football and made it to the 2nd Round!  Fun Football Season (except for the Auburn Fans at our house!)

DecemberRobert is officially a Chief in the Coast Guard!!  Frankie turned 15!  Another Driver in the family …and Thus begins my favorite time of year when we can reflect on our Blessings with Friends and Family Near and Far!! 

Looking Forward to what God has in Store for us in 2013!!  Merry Christmas, With Lots of Love!!

Frank, Pam, Jessica, Robert, Leslie, Corey, Casey, Frankie, Addie & Sophia


My NEW View on Water Damage

October 7, 2012

I have always just taken Homeowners Insurance for Granted. Something you have to pay once a year!!  And I have not ever really thought much about Water Damage…like hearing someone’s Hot Water Heater Burst or a Basement being flooded. And the term “Displaced” …what does that really mean? Well 7/28/12 definitely changed my view on all these things!  

Around 8:30 AM, I was the only one awake.  We were on the last day of our Adams Family Beach Trip.  My cell phone rang.  My Assistant had gone to our house to check the mail as she had several times during the week we were away.  She stepped into 2″ of water floating throughout our house.  I went into my Get It Done Crisis Mode (which I usually only have to switch to at work!!) and called my Hubby’s BFF to head to our house to cut off the water.      We were 9 hours away, what could we really do?  Next I thought” I need to call Servpro.  Now where did that though come from…I have never called Servpro…but it sounded like the right thing to do.  I used my trusting SmartPhone to search a number for help!  After that call I tried to Jog my Memory to remember what the name of our Insurance Company was…we had saved tons of money leaving Snake Farm years back in 2009, but I did not have that info with me.  I trusted my SmartPhone again and search and dialed that number.  Next I called my Hubby’s BFF back and asked if I should hop a flight home.  He assured me that there was not a thing I could do and let me know Servepro had arrived.

Several Friends rushed to my house to video on a iphone so we could have a visual. I went to my parents room to give them the news.  Got every one up.  Packed up and were on the road by Noon.  Insurance Company decided to put us in an hotel for the night.  Dropped two youngest off (along with all of our laundry that for the first time ever on this trip I decided to wait until we got home to do!!) with my Sister.  

On Wednesday after our dry out began, my Hubby walked in to the house to Water Pouring from the ceiling…thus Claim #2.  Thanks to a Negligent America’s Home Shield Contractor we had another $3800 claim and had to have ceilings repaired too!

This began our 10 Week Saga as 75% of our home had to be repaired!  Starting school in a one bedroom, one bath hotel…of course breakfast and coffee were ready every morning.  To top things off, our Baby Girl had to start a new school…so she was the perfect definition of a Displaced Child.  In her little mind, everyone in her world had failed her. Could not sleep in her own bed (and many nights no bed since we only were allowed one hotel room with two beds!) and she had to go to a new school with NO Familiar Teachers and just a handful of students she knew!  Her new Principal is a Dear Friend of mine and God sent us one particular Teacher who is in fact an ANGEL, as she handled every  tear and every fear that our Baby Girl came up with!! After three weeks in a hotel, they moved us to a really nice 3 Bedroom Apartment right around the corner from our house! 

I had a Sweet Friend who lost LOTS in a House Fire last year and I watched her handle that tragedy with Grace and much Thankfulness for what she had.  She taught me so much that I was able to reflect on during this crazy time in our lives.  We really needed to replace our Kitchen Flooring and that was on our list for this year…just did not expect to do this in this manner!  We only lost a few pieces of furniture and a Special Childhood Cookbook was the only thing that could not be replaced.

I am proud to say that TODAY we had our first meal at our kitchen table in our newly remodeled house!!  God is Good!

Pruett Report 2011

December 31, 2011

Praying this letter finds each of you Blessed in Big Ways for 2011. The Pruett Clan has weathered a few storms this year and is looking forward to smooth sailing (or flying) in 2012!!  We tried really hard for months to get a family picture with everyone in it…but that did not work out!

Oh where to begin???  In January, Frank decided to make a career change.  He was offered a job on the assembly line at Kia.  He has wanted inside THAT building ever since the day they broke ground.   It has been a tough transition for him to gain his Automotive Experience and has lost 30 pounds along the way…and most of you know…he is not the one who needs to lose weight…Callaway High Soccer also began for Casey.

February brought our first storm.  Our 10 Month Old Grandbaby, Sophia, was sick and was in terrible pain.  She was rushed to the Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, FL and was there for 4 LONG days before it was discovered that her appendix most likely had ruptured earlier in the week.  She was rushed into Emergency Surgery and spent the next three weeks in the hospital.   This was one of the most helpless times for me in all of my days as a Momma!

March brought another storm.  Leslie and her husband divorced and she moved back home to regroup.  We had to put finishing school on the back burner for a while too.  In the next few weeks she interviewed with Atlantic Southeast Airlines (the airline Frank retired from) and was offered a job as a Flight Attendant, which was always a dream of hers when she was younger.   We also celebrated Sophia’s 1st Birthday!

April rolled around and Casey and Frankie went on a Mission Trip with the Youth Group to New Orleans.  Casey’s High School Soccer Team made it to the first round of the playoffs.   Frankie also became the tallest Pruett Girl at 5’6”.

June is the month another Pruett hit the road!!  Casey turned 16 and got her Drivers License!   Leslie also got engaged and left for her Flight Attendant Training.   Addie and I ventured to Dublin, Ireland for a short trip with my cousin, Lane Casey, for a Sorority Sister’s Wedding.  Addie also went to 4-H Camp in Jekyll Island.

July started with a BANG as Leslie married Corey Sims and left to live in Washington, DC for a month.  Casey went to Wisconsin with Forever His on Choir Tour.  Another Storm blew in as I lost my job in late July.  We ended the month spending our Annual Adams Family Beach Trip with 70 of our Favorite Aunts, Uncles and Cousins…that was a great way to take our minds off my job surrounded by LOL – a phrase coined by my Aunt Polly – Lots of Love (not laugh out loud).  Frankie was invited to practice with the High School Golf Team and she was the only girl!

August brought school for two Middle Schoolers and a High School Junior.  Our BABY Girl turned 11!!

September presented us with Junior Class President Casey Pruett and Football season kicked off, which is always a fun time of year.  GO DAWGS is yelled by half of the clan!!  The other 3 wear Orange and Blue.   Casey’s Boyfriend, Justin, broke his right leg playing soccer, so no driving for Justin (He is still in a cast).

November brought a HUGE Blessing – Out of the Blue – I got a job.  Definitely a God Thing!!  I am the Area Manager for Industrial Staffing here in LaGrange.  Jessica & Robert also told us they were moving to Bristol, RI, (most likely Spring or Early Summer) – a promotion for Robert.

December will bring lots and lots of family time and traditions.   Our Favorite time of year!!

I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3

With Lots of Love…Frank, Pam, Addie, Frankie, Casey, Leslie, Corey, Jessica, Robert & Sophia

What Caleb Taught Me

December 18, 2011

I am back.  Haven’t blogged in a while!  I have been busy.  God has been working Overtime in my life since I was here last!!

Last time I blogged, I pleaded for your prayers for a little guy by the name of Caleb Kinnersley.  Almost 4 months later, I must report to you that our prayers have been answered.  Early in the morning on December 12th – Caleb was indeed healed!!  He left the TERRIBLE CANCER that had taken over his poor little head and RAN INTO THE ARMS OF JESUS and WAS HEALED.

God used Caleb in a Big Way.  I can only pray that I can leave just a bit of the Legacy that Caleb left with us.

Caleb taught me that my problems, no matter how big they seem, are always smaller than I think.  He taught me to lean on God and Trust – like Caleb did.  Through this journey that I walked with Caleb, I learned to help anyone and everyone you can, and to always strive to be an Encourager.  God used me to facilitate THOUSANDS of Prayer Warriors for Caleb and God made it so easy in the midst of my problems.

As I waited to tell my own children that Caleb had been healed, I did lots of smiling, imagining Jesus trying to hold onto Caleb as he tried to leap out of  His Arms to run and jump as he had not been able to for almost 4 months!!  I learned a few days later that about 6 hours after Caleb was Healed…a friend that Caleb had met at the Clinic in Texas was also Healed…and on that very RAINY MORNING here, Jesus had his arms FULL IN HEAVEN!!

Thank You Caleb Kinnersley…I am a better person today…because I knew you!!


Join Team Caleb

August 26, 2011

This Momma of All Girls has recently been brought to her knees by many events in her life…sudden job changes, depression, victim of untruths, divorce, sickness.  But even in all this MESS, God as he ususally does has shown me that I need to be on my knees praying for a family that has it much worse that any of these stupid I have mentioned.

About three weeks ago a sweet family at church, who should have been busy buying school supplies for their 1st grader to start school, found out their sweet 6 year old has inoperable BRAIN CANCER.  In the misdst of their search for treatment, Caleb’s Mom and Dad, Jana and Kevin, gave me the go ahead to start a FB Page to spread the word to pray for the Miracle we need.  In a matter of days there were people in 10 countries and 30 states praying for Caleb!

Oh the lessons God has taught me through Caleb!!  Please join our FB Page and PRAY!!

I’ll praise you in this storm and I will lift my hands for you are who you are no matter where I am And every tear I’ve cried you hold in your hand You never left my side and though my heart is torn I will praise you in this storm. For I am the
Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41:13


2011 Review

July 23, 2011

While sitting watching Sweet Sophia suffer earlier this year,  Her other Grandmomma said ” I hope this is not an indication of the things to come in 2011?”  Well 2011 has been a Doozie thus far and it is just half over!!!  So many changes.  For the good.  Pray for our family.  We know that GOD IS IN CONTROL.  Exciting times ahead.  Will be very interesting to see how the Author of the Pruett Report is able to creatively recap 2011!!

God Things are Good Things

March 16, 2011

I have really learned more than you will ever know this past year.  Almost a year ago, we became GrandParents.  Jessica and Robert gave us a BEAUTIFUL GRANDAUGHTER – SOPHIA!!  Another Girl in the Pruett Gang to love and spoil!  Last March we learned all about the Circle of Life!

Three weeks ago tonight, our Circle of Life came tumbling down.  And when you live almost 6 hours away from the people you love, it makes things that much worse.  Three weeks ago tonight, I got on my knees and begged God to prepare the Doctors as Sophia was transported to a Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, FL…a short ambulance ride that she will never remember and her parents (and GrandMomma) will never forget.  What a hopeless feeling we had as we sat and waiting for news.  For the next 4 days we waited and watched as she suffered so and her Doctors searched for answers.  Late that Friday Night, they rushed our sweet baby in to Emergency Surgery to remove her appendix that was believed to have ruptured days before.

In the days following Surgery, God showed his love through people EVERYWHERE!  Meals, Gas and Food $$ for Jessica & Robert, Calls, Texts, Prayers and more Prayers.  We had people from Washington to Virgina praying constantly!  Sophia and her Parents will never know the width of the prayer chains that kept them in tact!  My Facebook Friends were a constant reminder of the Good Things in my life. Thank you God for Good Things.

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow…Sophia ‘s Mommy and Daddy got to take her home yesterday!

Sophia Riding in Her Car at Wolfson Children's Hospital

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Pruetts! God has BLESSED us beyond belief this year with much more than we deserve.

Christmas is my very favorite time of year.  It is the MOST important PERSON in my life’s Birthday!  He is the reason I smile everyday.

It is also my favorite time because it is a time for FAMLY.  Last Christmas, we were able to spend time with the WHOLE Adams Clan (for a 2nd time in the year) and I was able to share with the Matriarchs and the Patriarchs of the CLAN how they have done a fine job of instilling the value of family in my generation.  With tears in my eyes I was able to thank them for that value .  You just do not find families today that clear their calendars at meet for a whole week as we do and have done for almost 40 years!

So excited as we will be with all my girls tonight along with my sisters and their families.  Tomorrow my Parents and Friends will join the celebration.  Sunday we will be Joining my Aunt Joan and most of the Lineberry Gang ( Will be Missing Casey & Laura Lineberry:() and hopefully my GREAT Aunt Dean.  Monday will bring one of our GREATEST Treasures – SOPHIATIME!!!  Jessica and Sophia will be with us (Robert will be serving our country).  Wednesday we will get to meet the newest member of our family – Our Great Nephew – George Perry Cunningham V – (Quinn) and see his Parents and Grandparents. (I told his Daddy – I have always been a GREAT AUNT!!)  Then off to meet our Adams Cousins from the North to ring in the New Year!

So in Closing – I do owe my love for family to my Sweet Parents…who drug me to every family event all my life…and today I am Blessed because I do not have to DRAG my kids because it is some of the most exciting times of their lives!!  Drag your Kids – They will thank you in the long run!!

This Blog was inspired by one of my BFF’s who noted that my BLOG had been neglected lately and dedicated to My Grandmother, Mae Casey and my Aunt, Martha Adams, who are spending their first Christmas in HEAVEN!!


July 3, 2010

Lazy is a word that I have never known much about.  I have known lazy people in my lifetime and I have a few lazy people that live in my house, but being lazy is something I never really have known anything about!!

Now that I am 40 Something, I have decided to learn more about being lazy.  I must warn you all that all these people that live in my house might not be happy with this decision I have made!!

Happy 4th of July!!  I am celebrating by being a LAZY BUM!!