A Girl Named Frankie

When I was pregnant with Daughter #4, we had decided to use the name Frankie after my Daddy’s Momma, Frankie Odessa Adams if this baby was indeed a girl!  When I came to LaGrange many years ago I was able to cross paths on several occasions with two ladies that also were given the name Frankie.  I was able to quiz one of them while I was waiting on my Frankie to make her arrival, and get her actual take on being named FRANKIE. I have always respected these women and of course…love their names!

As my Frankie grew up and went to school, she did not have to worry about having two girl Frankies in her class, or even in her school!  Yes she has a unique name.  A few years back I was able to introduce her to one of the other ladies in our communities named Frankie.  That was a neat day for all three of us!!

That Frankie passed away this week at the age of 94.  Wow and what a legacy she left.  I can only pray that my Frankie will leave a mark on her world like Mrs. Frankie Newman.  Everyone remembers the girl named Frankie!


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